Faik is a songwriter, from the family of Lumineers/Bon Iver... His pop-folk originated music takes you away into the numerous encounters of his journeys. He puts a spell on his music and his ballads could even bring tears into your eyes… You could find yourselves singing and dancing along to his folk originated music that tells you about the stories of his self-search journeys throughout Europe.

After 10 years of his musical adventure with “Fake Oddity”, FAIK has embarked on a solo project. The emblematic singer with a “timbre de voix inimitable”, from Brit pop to country, includes more oriental tones to his music.

He has travelled throughout Europe, for a succession of solo concerts: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Albania and has travelled down to Kosovo searching for his family roots. These countless experiences have inspired him with the lyrics and melodies that brings us to the “Sharr Mountains” today. A marvelous sound to be discovered….